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Aurore Dupont-Sagorin

editor I filmmaker

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Hi! I am Aurore, a French multidisciplinary storyteller, editor, filmmaker, and translator based in Vancouver.

In a nutshell

  • Bilingual French-English

  • Multidisciplinary storyteller (documentary, video, TV, radio, social media)

  • 10 years+ experience in full-cycle video development process

  • Proficiency in editing tools (Adobe Premiere, FCP, Dalet)

  • Extensive experience in interviewing, filming and narrating

  • Great problem solving skills

  • Self-driven and self-sufficient

  • Organized and detail oriented

Documentary filmmaker. As a multidisciplinary storyteller with a background in journalism, I have written, directed, filmed and edited documentaries that were successful in festivals and broadcasted on television. I have recently worked for France Télévisions, France TV Slash and BBC Reel.

Editor. I have worked as a freelance editor for 10 years+, editing documentaries, music, travel, corporate videos.

I have a great sense of pacing and rhythm. 

Translator. I work as an independent translator for clients like Disney, Netflix and National Geographic.

I translate and subtitle shows and feature films.

Education. I graduated from Vancouver Film School in Film production, I have a Master‘s degree in journalism from ISFJ Paris and a Bachelor's degree in English literature from La Sorbonne. Always eager to broaden my knowledge and better my skills, I also trained at l'École de la Cité (camera training), les Ateliers des Beaux-Arts de Paris et la Maison de l'Image de Basse-Normandie (documentary directing).

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