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Aurore Dupont-Sagorin

videographer I filmmaker

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Aurore is a French videographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and translator based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Documentary. As a multidisciplinary storyteller with a background in journalism, Aurore has written, directed, filmed and edited documentaries that were successful in festivals and broadcasted on television. She recently worked for France Télévisions, France TV Slash and BBC Reel.

Videography. Aurore has worked as a freelance videographer for the past eight years; directing, filming and editing travel videos and videos for social medias for companies like France Télévision and BuzzFeed Australia. Many of her videos have made millions of views.

Film. Aurore often works on film sets as a Third Assistant Director and Talent Coordinator. She also regularly works in the costume department as a costumer and set supervisor.

Translation. Aurore works as an independent translator for clients like Disney, Netflix and National Geographic. She translates and subtitles shows and feature films.

Education. Aurore has a Bachelor's degree in English literature from La Sorbonne, a Master‘s degree in journalism from ISFJ Paris and graduated from Vancouver Film School in Film production. Always eager to broaden her knowledge and better her skills, she also trained at l'École de la Cité (camera training), les Ateliers des Beaux-Arts de Paris et la Maison de l'Image de Basse-Normandie (documentary directing).

She is an avid learner and traveller who has lived and worked across the world. She is hard-working, extremely curious and passionate and open to all sorts of projects anywhere around the world.

Feel free to contact her anytime.

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